Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary – PDF


The Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary is A New Approach to Organising Jazz Guitar Voicings.

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PDF’s are printable and contain a linked contents page and quick chord look up feature. They also include access to all the bonus material.


The Melodic Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary is A New Approach to Organising Voicings!​

Not only can you use this book like a regular chord dictionary, it can also be used as the perfect companion for the Chord-Melody Jazz Guitarist!
This chord encyclopaedia features over 2,000 unique voicings all organised in a functional melodic manner.
Need a minor7b5 chord with a natural ninth in the melody? Or maybe an altered dominant chord with a sharp five on top?
Find it in seconds and start to create flowing chord melody arrangements of your favourite standards or even add new melodic layers to your comping.
This chord dictionary is built from the top down, allowing you to take control of the melody and chose from a wide array of colours and extensions to support it.
You’ll be voice-leading like never before and building a functional knowledge of chords and the fretboard in no time!


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