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GuitarVivo Publishing was founded in 2022 with the goal of redifining print guitar education. Since then GV have released multiple international best-selling books, featured in magazines, podcasts and websites, and received thousands of five-star reviews. Combining world-class educators with quality you can trust!


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Luke Brooks

February 28, 2024

What we’ve all been waiting for!

Finally here it is! I’ve been following Brett’s playing for many years now. His stunning fluidity and ability to play across strings effortlessly means his lines are fresh and unique. It’s been hard to know exactly what he’s thinking and how on earth he’s actually executing these lines- especially what his right hand is doing. Until now. This book is a fanastic deep dive into Brett’s hybrid technique, and a book fans have long been waiting for!


Francis Lannie

June 26, 2022

How to sound like a musician!

There is so much knowledge in this book! Tim is a fabulous player and, if you watch some of his videos on YouTube, you’ll see he a great teacher too. If you want pentatonic licks, and modal excursions, the internet is awash with tutorials. Ever had someone ask you to play something and all you can think of is licks and riffs? If you want to learn how to play tunes, on guitar, that sound like music and not just guitar playing, this is the book for you and, even better, this will help you to put together your own arrangements. 

David Hunter

January 10, 2024

Why did I take so long to find this book?

Ten years, three guitar teachers and endless YouTube videos and now I found the book. Have spent the last three hours reading and absorbing the content. Great content, loads of MP3, GuitarPro and video files. Absolutely BRILLIANT.


Ryan Reeves

December 17, 2023

An essential guide to take your blues playing to the next level

Chris Corcoran’s book, “Chromatic Blues Guitar Soloing,” is an absolute gem for any blues guitarist seeking to elevate their craft. This masterpiece takes you on a journey through the intricate world of blues soloing, guided by the virtuoso himself.


Jon Pyle

November 15, 2023

Best Blues Fusion Book Ever?

What an amazing book. I’ve been through every book Scott has published and even after all this time he still comes out with licks and concepts I haven’t seen from him before…never stop growing as a player. Can’t recommend this one enough!



November 26, 2023

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Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, this book will challenge every aspect of your technique and develop your playing faster than any other tuition material on the market.
Fantastic work, Jake

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